Andriais de Staic: By The Light Of The Silvery Moon'

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A special evening of Irish Stories for grown-ups told through words, sounds and music in the bardic style. Strongly influenced by previous bards like Raifteri an File and Brian Merriman, this tour will see wandering bard Andriais de Staic with his rustic violin and other such accompaniment travel the roads of Ireland telling tales and short stories to eager audiences. Aindrias brings us on a journey through tales of villages lost to the sea, misadventures of wandering musicians, humorous recitations, abridged folkloric myths, and of course his own self-penned outrageous tales of otherworldly events. By the Light of the Silvery Moon is a new experience in storytelling, combining spoken word and guest musicians collaborating live to add a sonic soundscape to the tales and performance. "A pioneer in the revival of traditional storytelling. He breathes new life into the old tales – infusing them with musicality, rhythm and his unique insights on life" - Manchan Mangan

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Lectures, Readings
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08:00 pm
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09:30 pm
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The Source Arts Centre
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0504 90204
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Brendan Maher
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