Templemore Library: Comic Strip Workshop

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Templemore Library are excited to be welcoming Andrew Dorland to our library on Monday, July 17th for a FREE Comic Strip Workshop! ✨ This workshop is suitable for children ages 10+ years and booking is essential at 0504-32555. Andrew Dorland is a highly skilled freelance Comic and Storyboard Artist who has extensive experience in the animation and comic industry. He has worked on projects for companies such as HBO, Disney, and Netflix. Andrew’s artistic focus lies in bringing stories to life through either Animation or Comics. He believes that everyone has a story to tell, and comic books serve as an excellent medium for sharing those stories. This workshop will be an enjoyable experience as Andrew imparts valuable techniques and insights, enabling participants to create their own captivating comic-book narratives.

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Children’s, Family
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11:30 am
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Templemore Library
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Templemore Library
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